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After 17 years in the GPS Industry, Pulsewrx Founder & CEO Mark Dillon is excited to announce the launch of Pulsewrx’s new asset tracking product line and website interface, which brings asset tracking to overlooked markets.

Until now, the GPS industry has lacked an affordable solution for consumers and businesses to track unpowered property indoors and outside. Today, Pulsewrx is officially introducing an asset tracking solution via its industry-tested and battery-operated GPS products to its partners across a range of industries, including automotive, trailer, construction, healthcare industries and more.

Pulsewrx disrupts the asset tracking industry by providing clear solutions to its existing limitations and customers’ ongoing frustrations, including:

  • Battery-Operated Devices: All Pulsewrx products are wireless and battery-operated so you can track any asset anywhere. Pulsewrx products do not require any technical expertise to install, simply attach the device to the asset via one of many easy to use available methods.

  • Indoor Positioning Technology: Products include WiFi location technology, enabling the device to report its location in otherwise prohibited locations.

  • Intuitive Tracking Sites and Geofencing: Pulsewrx’s easy to use custom tracking website provides customers with access to their devices’ location reports at an affordable and flexible subscription model.

Learn more about our products and approach at


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